Advent Conspiracy

Let's conspire to change the way we celebrate Christmas!

What is this all About?

Advent is a busy time of the year as we begin to prepare for Christmas.  It's so easy to get caught up in the flurry of consumerism of gifts, parties, and to-do lists, forgetting what Advent preparation is really all about!  This year we are framing these four weeks around this holy conspiring; to SPEND LESS on consumer driven fanfare, GIVE MORE through giving of time and relationship-building, LOVE ALL by redirecting some resources to those with great need, and WORSHIP FULLY by refocusing on Jesus and the transformative power of the hope he brings to the world!

Below you will find all kinds of great ways to frame your Advent at home. 

Look over the resources, engage in conversation, and find ways to live into the transformational mystery of Christmas with the Gloria Dei Community!

Weekly Focus

Each week we will focus on a different area of the conspiracy. 

Check out the details below and have conversations in person and through social media!

  • Spend Less: Nov.27 - Dec.3

    Isaiah 58:6-12

    We SPEND LESS by resisting the cultural pressure to celebrate Advent through over spending and over consumption.

    * Where do you feel these cultural pressures most during this season?

    *  What can you do this week to free yourself from these expectations?

  • Give More: Dec.4 - 10

    Isaiah 9:6-7, Ephesians 1:3-10

    Instead of spending, we GIVE MORE!  That is, we give relational, thoughtful, and meaningful gifts.

    * What is the most meaningful gift that you have ever received or given?

    * What can you do this week to give of your time and attention in meaningful ways?

  • Love All: Dec. 11 - 17

    Psalm 34, Isaiah 61

    We then take the money we have saved and LOVE ALL by giving to those in true need.

    * Where do you see need in your community, your circles of engagement, and the world?

    * What are you able to commit to doing or giving this week in order to love all more fully?

  • Worship Fully:  Dec. 18 - 24

    Psalm 111

    In all of this, we strive to WORSHIP FULLY by keeping our focus on Jesus and participating with Him in what He came to do, bringing hope to a desperate world.

    * How has the Christmas story been transformative in your life?

    * What can you do this week to transform the world in little and big ways?


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