Church Staff and Ministry Team

Front Row, Left to Right:

Betsy Maier, Pastor Karyn Wiseman, Pastor Jim Goodyear, Joan MacGregor

Middle Row, Left to Right:

Dawn Frank, Ya-Jhu Yang, Lindsey Buekelman*, Pam Kops

Back Row, Left to Right: 

Nick Garofalo, Florence D'Adamo, Joe Boyle

+Not Pictured: Christian Frank, Susan Hellings, Kelly Podlaszewski, and Chris Schmer

*Former Youth Director

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Pastor Jim Goodyear

Pastor Karyn Wiseman

Betsy Maier, Senior Adult Ministry

Kelly Podlaszewski, Kids and Family Ministry

Christian Frank, Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Ya-Jhu Yang, Music Director

Chris Schmer, Praise Band Leader

Pam Kops, Controller

Dawn Frank, Administrative Support

Joan MacGregor, Administrative Assistant

Susan Hellings, Office Manager

Florence D'Adamo, Preschool Director

Nick Garofalo, Maintenance

Joe Boyle, Maintenance

Church Council

Front Row, Left to Right

Lorraine Pruitt, Doug Diamond, Loretta Spielmann

Middle Row, Left to Right

Stan Hamilton, Ed Higgins, Barbara DeFlavis, Pastor Karyn Wiseman, Gwyn Duffy, Pastor Jim Goodyear

Back Row, Left to Right: 

Cherie Brummans, Kelly Donahue, Dave Barber, Michael McNulty-Bobholz, Jim Mulhearn


Lorraine Pruitt, President

Jim Mulhearn, Vice President

Dave Barber, Secretary

Doug Diamond, Treasurer

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