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Messages from PK – 2021


So do not fear, for I am with you… Isaiah 41:10


*”What I want to do every single day whether it’s Christmas Day or Thanksgiving or Easter or New Year’s Eve is I want to stop and count my blessings…”

Click here to view Pastor Karyn’s “Resolutions or Blessings” message posted December 29, 2021.


*”Holy One, receive our Advent Prayers like incense rising on the wind…”
Click here to listen to Pastor Karyn’s Advent Prayer.


*”What an amazing thing that we can do, is just to be there for one another. I think that’s what God wants of us, to be there…”
Click here to watch Pastor Karyn’s full “In good times and in bad” message posted December 6, 2021.


*”We are called to be faithful and full of love. We are called to embrace the possibility of new adventures and new ways of being the church and communities of compassion. You all have been part of that and I am grateful for each and every one of you…”

Click here to read Pastor Karyn’s “30 Days of Gratitude” message from November 30, 2021.


*”I just wanted to say thank you before the service started to just let you know that I’m thinking about all the lives that have touched mine…”

Click here to watch Pastor Karyn’s Gratitude message posted before the Installation service on Sunday, October 17, 2021.


*”One thing that may be true for many of us. The past year and a half have caused an incredible amount of stress and if you are like me, you haven’t always been as health conscious as you should have been. I’m changing that…”

Click here to read Pastor Karyn’s “A Personal Update” message posted October 7, 2021


*”Home base is my faith, home base is my family, home base is where I feel safe. And none of us feel safe all the time, particularly right now. So find your home base… ”

Click here to watch Pastor Karyn’s “Home base” video message posted September 7, 2021


*”It was indeed a crazy week. It felt like 5 days of total chaos. And it was one more time when our staff did a fabulous job handling swiftly changing and challenging realities so well. They checked in, kept their heads on straight, and spent extra time covering the church’s needs as technicians and contractors came and went.”

Click here to read Pastor Karyn’s “A Wild Week!” message from 7-31-2021


*”Maybe the question is not what’s next, maybe the question is what’s happening now that I can appreciate, that moves me into what’s next. How can I celebrate this moment in its fullness as we begin to discover what’s next together…”

Click here to watch Pastor Karyn’s “What’s next?” video message posted June 10, 2021


*”We appreciate the ways you have supported us through this crazy year and the patience you have shown as we have made the best decisions we could to keep you safe. We’re ready when you are. Grace and Peace -PK and the Council”

Click here to read Pastor Karyn’s full “An Update on Indoor Worship” message posted on May 27, 2021.


*”One of the things we have to do is figure out how to shut things off so that we can have alone time, so that we can have rest and recuperation and reflection time…” Click here to watch Pastor Karyn’s full “Say Goodbye to Grind Culture” posted on May 25, 2021.


*”We‘re not sure what will happen in the future. But we are still being faithful. We are still impacting the world. We are still worshipping together and sharing our faith in profound ways. We are still meeting the needs of many in our community and beyond. And we are still the Gloria Dei Family.”

Click here to read Pastor Karyn’s full “The only consistent thing in life … is change” message posted May 12, 2021.


*”I want to personally thank you for your commitment and dedication to Gloria Dei Church. And I want you to know that we encourage you to come back to worship, as you feel able. And I want you to know we hear you and are trying to safely continue to worship together in person – singing, reading, sharing, and praising God.”
Click here to read Pastor Karyn’s full “Church in a Changed World” message posted April 26, 2021.


*”Holy Week is one of the most sacred parts of the Christian calendar. It is a powerful reminder of the reason God sent Jesus to be part of the world.”

Click here to read Pastor Karyn’s “Holy Week Ponderings” message from March 31, 2021.


*”The thing that gets me really excited about Holy Week is to once again tell the story of redemption, the story of how we’re called together and how Christ lived and died for us and how that amazing and abundant love from God is just beyond our comprehension.”

Click here to watch Pastor Karyn’s “Porch weather and Hope…” message posted on March 22.


*”May we feel the weight of these 40 days of Lent and find ways to make the world – even our small piece of it – better for having been part of it.”

Click here to read Pastor Karyn’s full Ash Wednesday Prayer posted February 17, 2021.


*”I continue to rely on one thing, and that is the promise that God is with us. That we never go through anything alone. I hope that we can find ways to uplift each other. I want you to pray for those you agree with, and I want you to pray for those you disagree with. I want you to pray for hope to find it’s way into every heart…

Click here to watch Pastor Karyn’s full “Living into hope” message posted January 19, 2021.


*”What I believe to the core of my being is that God’s will for all people is to live in peace and reconciliation. I am praying hard for those in our government who were terrorized by these acts. I am praying hard for all law enforcement officers trying to bring about an end to the violence. I am praying hard for families and friends separated by differing political beliefs. I pray. And trust God to guide us through these difficult days.”

Click here to read Pastor Karyn’s full “A Prayer for our Nation” message from January 6, 2021.


*”I believe when we live into our truest self, when we allow ourselves to be the true part of who we are, this beloved child of God, that we act more justly and more kindly and walk more humbly with God. We don’t have to change something for God to love us. God loves us anyway. God loves us despite our flaws, despite our misconceptions, or our confusion, or our doubts, or our anxiety. God loves us period.”
Click here to watch to Pastor Karyn’s full “New Year’s message” posted January 4, 2021.