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Messages from PK – 2022


So do not fear, for I am with you… Isaiah 41:10


*Click here to view Pastor Karyn’s “Sounds of Summer” message posted July 21, 2022.


*”After washing the disciple’s feet, the group experienced the last supper with the Lord. Jesus fulfilled the meaning of Passover by giving his body to be broken and his blood to be shed in sacrifice, freeing us from sin and death…”

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*”In many ways, Monday and Tuesday of Holy Week are just as pivotal to the story as the other more commonly known days.”
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*”7.  Forgive easily and leave problems in the past. 8.  Keep your room clean. 9.  Don’t annoy your siblings and don’t be too annoying asking for them to stop being annoying.”

Click here to view Pastor Karyn’s “Fifteen Commandments for the Home from our Affirmation Students” message posted January 25, 2022.